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Economic Development

  • Follow best practices to provide careful, transparent state leadership
  • Address inequity and wage stagnation
  • Prepare for changes due to automation and artificial intelligence (AI)
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Wise Stewardship of Our Air, Water, and Land

  • Care for our canyons and their supporting infrastructure
  • Follow the Utah Roadmap for climate and air quality
  • Make improving air quality the highest priority
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Quality Public Education

  • Focus on early learning
  • Support teachers during this time of change and stress
  • Promote local control rather than state tests and grades
  • Learn from the pandemic experience
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Accountable, Balanced Representation

  • Listen to varying viewpoints in our community and give voice to your values
  • Respect the wishes of the electorate
  • Provide adequate opportunity for citizen input
  • Ask hard questions
  • Ensure transparent government
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  • Increase access to affordable healthcare
  • Address health disparities
  • Expand mental health and addiction services
  • Listen to experts and make the best choices in the face of the pandemic
  • Improve transparency in costs
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  • COVID-19 and low interest rates have created bidding wars in Utah's housing market. Rising housing costs could damage the economy as employees and our children can't afford to live here
  • Utah has finally begun to address this issue through investing in affordable housing, and more solutions are possible and essential
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